18 May 2010

Hand-in and presentation

I reached the end of this project today with a presentation and hand-in. I was satisfied with the deliverables (apart from how rubbish my wonky boards looked next to those slick ones submitted by Nicky, Dave and Amy) but I could have fine-tuned the Powerpoint quite a lot were there more time. Still, it's over.

Except it isn't really. I now have to rework the presentation for the Bigger Than Words conference in July. For that I'll be wanting to take out a lot of the content that was intrinsic to the work's development as part of my MA and elaborate further on the theoretical stuff that informed my design decisions. Before this, I also need to rework everything into a research poster to be exhibited at SPARC. I've got a recordable card on order for the latter. This will be embedded into the graphic and will make the poster more interactive. That's needed for the second week in June by the way.

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  1. Very good, very good! I sense a big relief from todays proceedings!!!!