20 December 2010

John Cage

Cage (and particularly his 4'33") was hugely influential with the theory behind the Sshhh project. In what was a (failed) campaign for an alternative Christmas number one single, it's now at 21 in the Top 40. I hope that a few more people investigate some of the ideas behind the piece rather than just see it as a subversive attempt to topple X Factor.

The remixes, by the way, are entertaining. I particularly like Herve's 'Tidies Up The Studio remix' where the silence is punctuated by the odd bit of background noise.

Available to download here: Cage Against The Machine

17 December 2010

Central Station book

It looks really nice, doesn't it?

16 December 2010

On FormFiftyFive

I have found the Glasgow's Central Station site/community hugely supportive over the past year or so. Given the standard of material on there, I've additionally been honoured to have had some work from my portfolio selected on its homepage and then was even more excited when there was talk of contributing to a book that they were producing [I'll update on that in a separate post].

What I wasn't aware of - something that explains the large number of views of an image from the Sshhh project in recent times - was that the site has also been publicising my work alongside that of some majorly talented artists. This nicely prompted an appearance on the wonderful FormFiftyFive for which I'm very grateful.

05 December 2010

Karel Martens - Printed Matter

Beautiful looking book. Available via the following link: Karel Martens: Printed Matter

01 December 2010

Central Station party

Glasgow's Central Station will be having a party on Friday which also acts as a launch event for the book which will be distributed from January 2011. I can't make it there [it's at the Sub Club complete with rum and Scotland's house champion Harri on the decks]. However, the book - which I will be getting sent at some point - does include one of the works I produced as part of the Sshhh project. So, yep, another book. Which is very nice.

Instead I'll actually be out for a few pre-Xmas drinks with my MA chums in Manchester to celebrate Irish finally doing the decent thing and leaving these shores*.


A pic of us from the above at what seems to now be our 'regular' eating place. We asked the staff not to move the hazard sign for this. Oh, the glamour.