25 March 2010

Book making

Speaking of the MA group, we indulged in some 'group therapy' this week. We shared a really great book binding/book making session on Wednesday and I thought that it was exactly what was needed given how intensive these projects can get. It was just nice to sit around with our beeswaxed linen thread and sew together a bunch of pages. But this wasn't just a departure from our routine work - it actually suggested alternative ways of delivering this project.

I'll subsequently be making time to head off to the suppliers over the easter break to get some materials for this print product/booklet/CD packaging element. Okay, it's likely to be a bit more 'crafty' (and runs the risk of being ragged around the edges) but what it loses in flat printed slickness by an external company, it will hopefully gain in terms of the opportunities to combine different surfaces, stock and print techniques.

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