04 March 2010

Reply to The British Library

Via email:

"Dear Chloe,

Many thanks for your reply dated 1st March 2010 in response to my request for permission to take photographs and record sound in The British Library.

To confirm, it would be using a hand held camera and no additional equipment. The purpose would be to document the environment - rather than the library's users - and would not be intrusive. I don't believe that I will require staff supervision.

With regards to the sound recordings, these will be made using a small hand held digital voice recorder - about the same size as a mobile phone. It is battery powered and has an in-built mic so does not require the use of any additional leads.

The purpose for this is to document the sounds/background noise in the library as part of a project that looks, in part, at what we refer to as silence. Both are part of my research for a MA Communication Design project that attempts to visualize sound.

Should you require any further clarification, do let me know.

Daniel Cookney"

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