07 February 2010

Books #5


Perhaps the finest collection of Pelican covers I've found on the web so far is via this link. Arranged according to decade, it is probably the best organised selection too. There are also all the combined Flickr Pelican uploads from across the globe here.

Meantime Olly Moss has done some computer game packaging using the classic Marber grid (below). The full set is viewable on his site (here). However the idea is reminiscent of a number of other projects I had noticed. There was Littlepixel's 'Cover Versions' idea - i.e. classic albums re-imagined as Pelican books - (here), Spacesick's 'I Can Read Movies' series (here) and the Stephane Massa-Bidal's 'Website Collection' posters (here).

Meanwhile, I stumbled on a great blog that is more concerned with the history of books but it is very interesting all the same (here).

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