12 February 2010


So the iPad was met with a fairly lukewarm reception despite Apple's suggestion that it is going to revolutionize our lives. One of the key selling points, they say, is its use as an eReader.

Personally, I like books and don't really get eReaders but some people - including my dad - have already switched to digital literature. The question for many - what with other eReaders on the market ahead of the iPad - is whether Apple can repeat what they did when they made the iPod ubiquitous within a market where other MP3 players were available.

Personally, my own concern is whether the rise in eBooks [Amazon is already seeing huge growth in the sales of these] means the equivalent of what has happened to album packaging in the age of the iTunes thumbnail.

Music artwork certainly appears to be less of a priority these days and it would be a shame to see design within publishing go the same way. Some of us still want to judge a book by its cover.

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