11 February 2010

A selection of libraries

Not sure what the collective noun is for libraries but (while, yes, there have been a lot of video posts this week) here are a pile of them. They probably hint at the sheer breadth of the term 'library'.

Individual ones of note include what I think is some wonderful documentation of Alvar Aalto's Vyborg Library (where its stunning modernist structure is battling decay) and the one where the kids are mucking about yet still whispering. 'The Death of a Library' one is also great although I prefer it with the sound off. All are very different in approach but, for me, food for thought.

Alvar Aalto / Vyborg Library from 0300TV on Vimeo.

Death Of A Library from Micah McCoy on Vimeo.

Library Flight from Alex Pytlarz on Vimeo.

Libraries from University of Canterbury on Vimeo.

Library from Joey Buckley on Vimeo.

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