09 February 2010

The External Examiner recommends the Adobe Bookstore




The External Examiner came in today for a chat about the course and our work. It was really interesting. He was enthusiastic when I talked about this project with him and mentioned the above: San Francisco's Adobe Bookstore.

Originally created as an installation by artist Chris Cobb back in 2004, all the books are arranged by colour. There's a notice about the project via the McSweeney's site: a literary project here from writer Dave Eggers (who incidentally wrote one of my favourite books).

As you can see from the pictures, it is visually effective but also could be practical in some settings. Personally, I always refer to colour when looking for a particular book (or CD) at home. I'm not sure how this might work in the university library, for example. Especially in terms of the system's relationship to the online catalogue. But pretty all the same.

Anyway, when I outlinined potential final outcomes with the External Examiner, he also observed that I would be "classifying the classified". I thought that I should quickly jot that down too.

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