10 February 2010

Noise #1

The Sound Extraction video from Andrey Bogush on Vimeo.

"The extraction of natural resources distorts the landscape; the human being exploits the planet as much as the technological progress enables him to do so. The extraction of sound is like a recurrent form of consumption. The chosen method of the sound extraction do not bring the use; it is not left anywhere except the ‘miners’ testimony and in the corrupted sounds recorded by unprofessional fixing device.

The sound waves diverged by the ice surface and come back with the echo from every quarter of the former sand pit. We were throwing ice pieces. We had to find those winning trajectories, which brought the better sound. The glade, not frozen yet, was the target. Our actions brought us a joy but sounds disappeared too quickly, we were not able to collect or to reproduce them. The process took more and more ice pieces, which almost were not remain on the shore, and the November twilights get into the night."

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