08 February 2010

Proposal #1

I had to submit a draft proposal for my Negotiated Project to Lawrence today. For the cover, I used the same old image I originally had on this blog. I'd also done a variation for my submission proposal for the Bigger than Words conference. Although I have a couple of weeks to get the abstract together for that and I've since decided on a different design approach.

Anyway, aside from mere eye candy, here's the brief overview I emailed:

Negotiated Project Proposal


For semester two’s Negotiated Project I aim to produce a study that will also serve as a contribution to the Bigger than Words, Wider than Pictures: Noise, Affect, Politics conference.

Organised by the Centre for Communication, Cultural and Media Studies at the University of Salford, this is set to take place 1-3 July 2010. The conference is a diverse project based around the concept of noise.

In terms of my own participation, I wish to create a body of visual work that both explores and explains the noise that occurs in libraries. This is prompted by an observation that the difference between what is described as ‘noise’ and what is described as ‘sound’ can relate to the environment where it exists. Libraries are historically observed as places where silence is encouraged. Therefore sounds within these spaces are viewed as obtrusive and therefore more likely to be quantified as ‘noise’.

Following on from a semester one project that discussed visual representations of ‘invisible’ entities, this research and practical work would investigate pictorial descriptions of sound, noise and music. It is provisionally titled “Sshhh!”

Initial research suggests that such topics as sound installation/art, sonic cartography, cymatics, synaesthesia and onomatopoeia may be intrinsic to the research. It would also be an undertaking concerned with typology – with the study using audio recordings and photography to document a number of related yet individual spaces.

Representing a further personal interest [and what may be identified as some of the key elements of design found within libraries], this project will additionally delve into classic book covers/layout for inspiration. It is suggested that this assignment may also allow for experimentation with two colour printing.

Furthermore, it is proposed that the study’s development is documented online at http://www.sshhhproject.blogspot.com/ for three outlined reasons:

  • It would aid the cataloguing of the process in its entirety for later reflection.
  • It would mirror the way that information is made available for (free) public consumption by libraries.
  • It is a direct response to Paul Arden’s suggestion that we should not hoard ideas but instead share them in order to replenish and develop new ideas.

A 400 word abstract and biographical note needs to be submitted to the organisers of the aforementioned conference by 28 February 2010. It is initially recommended that the volunteered outcomes should include a book, brochure or other print product alongside further elements that could be conceptual or more commercially focussed.

Daniel Cookney, MA Communication Design

6 February 2010

Initial Bibliography



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I should have feedback on this later this week and then I'll submit a revised/expanded version to Tash over the weekend.

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