15 February 2010

Participation proposal submitted

I submitted my abstract in response to the call for participants to the organisers of the Bigger Than Words conference today. I've attached the design for the cover.

While initially very similar, the key difference between this and what I'd already sent to Lawrence and Tash was that I didn't really mention anything about book design this time: I thought that the notes on aesthetics and additional design influences were perhaps less important within the context of the conference.

What I did emphasise was the importance of classification to this study and also referenced the relevance of both Wassily Kandinsky and John Cage to the subject of visualising sound. I'd also read up a little on Spectrograms so these got a mention too.

All this is proving helpful. I've decided to get the first part of the report finished early for this semester and this reworking of my proposal in its various forms is assisting in the devising of the report's chapters. This week I want to get the 'Contents' close to finalised so that I can start the subject research in earnest.

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