22 February 2010

Toulon Library recordings as waveforms

I downloaded the recordings I made in libraries in both Toulon and Manchester as wav. files before opening them in Sonic Foundry ACID (a hardly state-of-the-art music package).

The attached images are some screen shots from the Toulon samples which provide a visualization of the encountered noise. But while I had the ACID software open, I started thinking about whether there's more that can be done with these sounds as a composition. The thing that puts me off that idea is that I want to do something that is cross-sensory [where a visual depiction describes an auditory form] and the whole 'found sound' thing has been done to death by people far more musically talented than I ever will be. Still, ACID - which I've used to edit sound for previous video projects - provides the opportunity to join, reconfigure and manipulate some of these recordings so there may still be the potential to do something new with these very raw samples.

Once I've done a little investigation into some of the different options in uploading playable sound files to this blog, I'll get the actual audio up here too.

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