15 April 2010

Book colourway

I purchased the paper that I will be using for this Sounds from the British Library project. The inspiration for the colourway was the bookcloth I already bought and the Sshhh image [the recent one with the tessellated triangles]. The cover and end pages are more red while, internally, it should be a selection of fairly rough greys, a sort of washed-out lilac and something that I can probably best describe as a very bleached Elastoplast pink.

Two of those muted tones are courtesy of them being sugar paper which has a surface I like and takes print really nicely. I also remembered that sugar paper has a habit of losing its colour when it has been stored in sunlight. I wondered if this is something that I'd like to try and incorporate - just to knock the colour back that bit more and perhaps have some variation and 'age' under the print. I haven't really got time to let nature take its course so I made a weak bleach solution which I applied on a sheet of each. Unfortunately contact with liquid really ripples the stock. I don't know if this is permanent or not. In any case, I'm not really sure if the effect is a bit too uncontrolled to work within how I now envisage this product.

Additionally, I've realised that the colourway is very similar to the one that I picked for this blog.

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