08 April 2010

Rainbow Sound Collision by Eva Schindling

Rainbow Sound Collision from evsc on Vimeo.

Circuit Explorations - Tube Visualization from evsc on Vimeo.

Some intriguing work at Eva Schindling's site http://www.evsc.net (although I'm not sure if I'm close to understanding a large amount of it). Amy spotted this link alongside some others which I'll post later. [I especially appreciate it given that she's ill at the moment. Get well soon.]

Anyway, today I've been getting my research file organised. I think it's completed. I don't want to look at any other theoretical ideas as I already have far too much to put into this report. In fact it looks like I'll struggle to get another sheet of paper in the lever arch file.

I also drafted a list of what I think I need to do to complete this project and the other two (smaller) modules for our deadline in May. It's quite a lot but, really, there's no point stressing about it. It will get done. I'm sure. And then I'm going to have a holiday. A proper read a book in the sun holiday. I certainly won't be visiting any libraries.

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