13 April 2010

Axonometric views

The earlier experiment with the tessellated image got me thinking more about axonometric views. There's something brutally objective about them - probably owing to the fact that they don't try to seduce the eye with perspective. There's nothing to pull you into the image but instead they remain as two dimensional studies. Well... that's my current reading of them. So I'm thinking that this kind of format might suit this purpose. The angular nature of some of the photos - and the building itself - corresponds well. Subsequently this approach would ensure that the project's final outcome would intrinsically be linked to the architecture: again, forging that relationship between sound and the environment in which it exists. [They also relate to some of the views we have been using in 3D Max.]

This development would mean moving away from the circular forms [they would probably work for Manchester's Central Library] but I've already got ideas about how the sound shapes could be used in this more linear way. Plus it also presents the opportunity to keep the idea consistently running through text, images and layout through the use of a repeated parallelogram shape [itself made up of two equilateral triangles that additionally form a hexagon when repeated].

I think there's more than enough versatility/flexibility in this geometry to keep it interesting.

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