09 April 2010

Printed bookcloth

I'm currently working on my research work/sketchbook for the Virtual Worlds module.

The task I've set myself is trying to recreate the staircases of the British Library but I'm currently tring to work in some of the "sound shapes" or visualizations that I've got together from the recordings. The idea is that the architecture becomes a metaphor for the sound. (This isn't a particularly radical idea given that the noise is very much linked to its environment and is ultimately determined within a spatial context.) I'm then hoping that I can export the 3Dmax outputs to also use in the print product while also perhaps using some of the geometry as augmented reality elements. I don't know how much of this is feasible right now but I think it's more realistic time-wise if I continue to incorporate the same ideas/research into two different modules. Maybe that's a cop-put. I don't know. But thinking about the work in a three dimensional sense has given me a different perspective.

Anyway I'm also trying to put this research together as an A5-ish concertina book so that I can get to grips with the book making equipment prior to tackling the main module hand-in. I've just used an inkjet printer on the bookcloth for a cover and really like the effect. (The font is Akzidenz Grotesk.)

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