19 April 2010

The News

The latest news reports are really getting on my nerves. So much so that it has become distracting.

It's all this eruption disruption which - after five days of no flights due to all that volcanic ash floating around - has suddenly got people a bit too hysterical. ITV had reporters in various places giving 'the latest' as if it was breaking news on a major disaster. When it wasn't.

Some Brits were in France though. I've been to France. It's okay, actually. Unlike some parts of the world where you might find yourself under machine gun fire courtesy of child soldiers. That said, these countrymen of mine were waiting for a ferry.

Anyway it's the additional talk of "rescue" that I find most annoying. At the weekend there were suggestions of "Dunkirk Spirit" after some people with boats tried to get "our people" back from Europe. And I do understand that not being able to get home is really problematic for many. And my own sister has been upset because her school trip to Spain was cancelled. But I am right in saying that nobody has died, aren't I?

Still, to muck-in during what are evidently challenging times, I've knocked up a couple of postcard designs that can help us mark this momentous occasion. The one below is a "Keep Calm and Carry On" for all us survivors of 2010's Great Volcano Catastrophe.



  1. haha...love Danny's rants!
    As if you have a "Procrastination" tag!

  2. You where definitely on one with this posting Danny!!