07 April 2010

Library Rhythm print visualizations

I've just been playing around with the forms generated by the video below while also incorporating some elements of the photographs I've taken. One of the images (printed and scanned as described in an earlier post) is above.

The circular shape is something that has come up time and time again throughout this process: from cymatics through to their appearance in the Kate Moross videos and back further to the work of John & James Whitney and Jordan Belson. It's probably through this relationship that I felt the visualization below - where a circle is reconfigured by the sound - was somehow appropriate. I think I'm also influenced by the fact that sound formats like vinyl and CD plus, of course, speakers are also round. In fact I tried applying some text to the above image and (while perhaps less to do with the circular image than its square proportions) it took on the appearance of an album cover.

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