05 April 2010

David Toop website

I was reading up on David Toop given how his writing, curating and recording pushes into a number of experimental sound-related areas and noted the above on his website (http://www.davidtoop.com/). It's a flash animation where cubes shift from one side of the browser to the other. The user is encouraged to grab a cube and drag it to the speaker. Some are whizzing past while others are slower. And each plays a different sound: from what sounds like UFOs taking off through to jazz-edged interludes.

It's documented here simply as the record of something that is a bit of fun - a little add-on. Yet it's also indicative of how often we encounter one thing that's readable via one sense as an indicator of something that's more usually understood through a different sensory ability. For example, those TV adverts where someone places a new air freshener and suddenly we have a depiction of clean and curvy vapours emanating from the product. I suppose that's what I'm trying to do here: create a visual metaphor for this 'essence' of the British Library [an essence that has already been reduced to just its sonic manifestation].

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