13 April 2010

Mike Cina for Ghostly International

I mentioned Ghostly International in a previous post when noting the US label's issuing of the Terry Riley composition. The latest artwork was the work of Mike Cina who, alongside Will Calcutt, has been responsible for most of the sleeves in 2010. What he's produced this year is really inspiring. I mean, the label itself doesn't have a generic sound and each of these disparate recordings have been given an equally individual identity. But it's the approach to visualizing sound in a way that conveys a sensation that really works for me. The abstraction involved is a perfect way of creating a referent for this completely different art form: one that hints at the texture, timbre, pitch and tone of what the contents of each package might contain.

Creative Director Cina also has his own company with its portfolio at http://cargocollective.com/michaelcina. His clients have included Coke, Apple, Diesel, Hitachi, Pringles and more. He also founded http://www.youworkforthem.com/ - an excellent design resource.

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