10 April 2010

Layout for Virtual Worlds Research

I'm in the middle of putting together this research and laying out what will be a concertina book.


Only I've decided to try and see if I could avoid any joins by using lining paper so that the extra long printed item is on one folded sheet. I am slightly worried as this could mean that one little mistake means starting all the print from the beginning while I'm also not sure if my printer is going to be alarmed by a seemingly never ending piece of paper. Anyway the above image is of some of the first pages. The photo treatments are pretty much the same throughout. They're a bit Financial Times or Football Pink.

I've also made a few sketches of what this 3D rendering will be when incorporating the shapes generated from the noise on the previous video. Those shapes were from the Windows Media Player visualization 'Amoeba'. The plan is to have each landing on the staircase emulating one of these forms rather than being a smooth semicircle. If this works then it should also provide some interesting silhouettes when rotating the 3D max geometry and will also culminate in a new shape - for a concentration of noise - when assessed from an aerial view. That's the idea at least.

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