02 April 2010

EarMark logo

I've been working on a logo for the (mythical) publisher of this product. I opted for the name EarMark to note the reference of the project to hearing, but then the name also relates to "earmark" itself: to put aside or reserve.

I now have the above which pleases me as it has a shape evocative of the stealth bombers that influenced the previous core module project. It also works as a stylized letter 'E'. I'm also considering how I can build it under book cloth for a cover so that it is debossed or embossed with the colours defined as different layers.

Before arriving at this I had tried a number of options that were representive of the ear. Mainly the human ear but also some from animals. A lot of these started off looking obvious before being simplified down to just vague shapes. But I was also interested in this idea about how you might set aside something that is intended for a very specific purpose. Additionally I considered how this may relate to the use of books.

I had also suggested the phrase "dog-eared" at some point so began to look at the way that pages are folded to mark a particular place. From this I experimented with 45 degree angles and how this might work within a logo. I did consider using folds as part of this. But then I produced an early version - influenced by old paperback designs by German publishers like Rowohlt. That one is pictured below and was used a couple of weeks back alongside some Virtual Worlds research work. You can actually see the shape for the more developed version starting to appear (albeit minutely) in this early experiment.

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