11 April 2010

Book prints

I attempted to print out my concertina book as described in the earlier posts: on one long sheet of paper. However the page setup didn't come with an option for a three metre long print so I spent a couple of hours Googling my way around a load of dull forums that were busy discussing custom and default paper sizes. Which is even more ridiculous given that today we actually have nice weather and I should really have been making the most of that.

Anyway I eventually found some info regarding my brand of printer and how you can add a custom paper size. The only problem was that its parameters were set to do no more than a length just over 70cm. Subsequently I've had to run off a number of prints and I will have to join them up. I think the trick for joining pages for concertina books is to do them at the inner fold and not the outer fold. I think the joins will be less conspicious there while also less likely to come apart.

I also altered the colours as it was looking a litlle too washed-out. The blue, pink and purple tones appear to compliment the cover. The lining paper additionally turned out to be a nice surface with some decent weight to it.

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